Ninja energetic secret to getting what you want…

Because you can only control so much on the outside. And it is a lot harder to do. But when you are aligned then everything has to acquiesce to you. It has to. It is a law of the Universe. There is no way it doesn’t….because energy is EVERYTHING. So when you are aligned energetically you are running the show. The circumstances bow down. doesn’t….because energy is EVERYTHING.

How to have a SIX FIGURE Soul Year.

Have you ever had a SIX FIGURE Soul year? You may be asking what the
hell a six figure soul year even is. I get it. It’s a name I came up with when I found my happiness, my inner joy, my real connection. SIX FIGURE soul years always stem from passion and being aligned with your highest well-being.

The Secret Key to Work/Life Balance

We are all looking for that right? As entrepreneurs the name of the game is hustle. We hustle all day and night to achieve the “American Dream” of owning our own business. It is a labor of love. Being a business owner is work. The problem is we are taught that hard work – physical action – is what will pay off. That struggle is an essential part of the process and being stretched too thin is inevitable.

Loving a man sentenced to life in prison without parole

Someone asked me recently if I always believed my husband was innocent. The answer is yes, always. I knew it from the beginning when the detectives knocked at the door. So keeping hope alive during the trial, even though difficult, felt bearable. We were sure he could not and would not be convicted. There wasContinue reading “Loving a man sentenced to life in prison without parole”