Hey. My name is Rebecca.

Introducing myself is always the hardest. I have a tendency to want to tell you everything about me off top and I just can’t. Which is why I started a blog.

I have been on this journey of becoming un-offend-able for my whole life I just only recently was able to name it. Coming into the world with rashes all over my body and super emotionally sensitive I had to figure out how to feel good. It took a long time. At 19 I was given a set of Abraham – Hicks Law of Attraction cassette tapes and it changed my life.

Six years later, after a family trip to my husband’s home town, he was arrested and later charged and convicted of crimes he did not commit. I had a choice; quit or create. I decided to stay with my husband and find the vibrational stance of freedom with him.

A few years later I got into real estate and everything thought I must be crazy. ‘There is no safety in a commission only job’ they would say. I wrote my first million within 6 months and took my son out of school to homeschool him from 1-11 grade.

Once his dream of getting a D1 full ride scholarship came true I saw him off to college and for the first time went all in on my real estate business and had my first 50k month and 6 figure year using the exact same principles I teach and implement myself.

Then I decided to launch my own coaching biz and an online course that I sold out right away. I am living the life I have dreamed of for so long. The Universe has a funny way of bringing your dreams back around to you.

And 17 years after my husband was arrested I was introduced to a private investigator that changed my life and our journey towards my husbands freedom. We now have the evidence we need to bring him home.

I am not politically correct nor do I always say the right thing. I have always loved writing so a blog makes sense. I love to talk about any subject from the standpoint of law of attraction and that is what I will do throughout this blog.

Thanks for hanging out.

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