(Becoming Un-Offend-Able Series) Alisia Krastel on being a Motherhustler


Thanks for watching this amazing interview on my “Becoming Un-Offend-Able Series” of the She’s Un-Offend-Able Podcast. On this episode I am excited to have Alisia Krastel with me. She is a Realtor, Coach and a Motherhustler. We had an amazing discussion you will not want to miss.

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Here you go…. thanks so much for inviting me on
**Show Notes**
Alisia helps mom real estate agents and entrepreneurs unhustle their lives and make more money, by helping them figure out exactly what they want, and how to get it, without sacrificing their family.

She’s an active real estate agent in Maryland, nationwide coach, and will fight for every bit of your greatness.

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