Why am I even here?

You know me. I like to focus on what’s good. I like to focus on what IS working. And to be honest there is still a lot that is working right now. There is still more love than hate right now. There are more good people than bad people right now. The media may want us to believe differently. And don’t even get me started on social media. There are rabbit holes of fear and negativity that, if you are not careful, can really drag you down.

And if I am being honest, even I have been caught in the drama a time or two. It is incredibly hard to see some of the violence and divisiveness that is the current state of affairs in our country and not focus on it in a way that causes fear and scarcity. Then that feeling in the pit of you stomach starts and that is my indicator that I have gone too far, focused too long.

And it gets me thinking. Why are we here? I remember being young, maybe 16 or so, laying in my bed wondering why I was here. Why was anyone here? We can’t take anything with us that we get here in the physical so I knew it wasn’t stuff. We could not even take people with us in the form we are in here so it wasn’t about that. Not to say friends and family aren’t great but ultimately we cannot take them with us. They are their own entity here and physically separate from us. We all are separate.

So what is there that is not connected to an outside thing or person? Feeling and connection. Those are the two things we always have and that will be there until our last breath and I am assuming that they will be on the other side too. That connection is what we search for in every situation and every person we meet. That connection to Source Energy, the Universe, God. Because that is where real life really is.

We are here to love. I know. I know. It sounds cliche. But we are. And often we use all the reasons in the world to pinch ourselves off from that very powerful truth when in fact it is the only way to find your real power. You are not powerful when you are pushing against. Focus is focus and ‘no’ does not exist when it comes to Law of Attraction.

As much as I want to fight for things that I think are right I know my power and the power I lend to the whole is found when I am connected. And you cannot push against and be connected at the same time. It’s sort of like that saying, I think Einstein said, the problem and solution are not on the same frequency. It’s true! Same for connection and pushing against.

You just can’t get to connection from pushing against. But you can use the situation you are looking at that feels so big and not good as a jumping off point vs a home base. If you use the contract (i.e. negative energy) you feel from any situation as a jumping off point you have just about won the energy game. Because it’s the so called negative stuff that throws us off. Of course, there has to be that because we live in a world of duality but that’s for a different post.

My point today is that we have a choice to love. We have a choice to find the place that feels good. We have a choice to use what we don’t like as a catalyst rather than a home base. Because remember that the Universe has already cued up the equal opposite of whatever it is you are looking at. The Universe has already created what your preference would be and that is a reality that is waiting.

And might I also add that one of the things that brings me back and helps me refocus is realizing that when I feel bad it is only because I am not looking at something like the Universe would be looking at it. So it’s just an opportunity to focus more in a way that feels good. So a negative feeling is not something to be afraid of or to avoid. It is something to take note of and adjust accordingly.

Because in the end, we are all here to love. Love is a major key to life – in fact the ONLY key. It’s hard though. Our ego wants us to be separate. Our ego like for us to suffer. But love cures all of that. Love is where we came from and where we will go back to when we are done here. Love is the answer. It’s almost too simple and yet it’s the truth.

So love more. Love yourself more. Love your friends more. Love strangers more. Love. Ignite that feeling in your body, your heart center, as much as possible. Because check this out…one person who is aligned is more powerful that a million who are not. So choose love.

xx Rebecca

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