(Becoming Un-Offend-Able Series) Stephanie Torres on navigating being a Mom and handling change


Thanks for listening to this amazing interview on my “Becoming Un-Offend-Able Series” of the She’s Un-Offend-Able Podcast.  On this episode I am excited to have Stephanie Torres. She is a young real estate agent and shares how she navigates being a Mom and deal with things like Covid, depression and a changing real estate business.
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*Show Notes*

From a young age, Stephanie has always questioned the norms and had a desire to learn as much about how the real world works as possible so she could find her place in it and how she can fit into it. Growing up as an empath and first-generation Portuguese American in a home with narcissistic parents in CT, she struggled to find her true self. After running away from home multiple times and leaving permanently before turning 21 she began her journey of self-discovery and independence. At the time, she worked in a hair salon as well as a restaurant to pay her bills as she attempted to build her cosmetology business but found it difficult to make ends meet. Stephanie did continue her traveling cosmetology business part time throughout her twenties while also gaining work experience in restaurants, bars, banking, and insurance; always with more than one job, all while battling depression and anxiety. She met her husband through a coworker in 2012, they were married in 2015 and she had her first son April 2018. She completed her real estate licensing class that summer while balancing her newborn and a traveling husband who had recently taken a new job in NC. They moved to Charlotte NC in October 2018 and Stephanie studied for her exam while being a stay at home mom, finally activating her license in March 2019. Since then she sold multiple homes while mostly working from home the first year as a stay at home mom. Now her son is in childcare full time, she has completed an inpatient stay for depression and continues her treatment in therapy after a couple of rough stressful years, it all seems to be coming together. Stephanie and her husband, Edieberto, are now soon launching Torres Real Estate (formally Stephanie Torres Real Estate) and are working as a real estate power duo!

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