Two incredibly powerful words – “What If”

I decided to write this because I have noticed how ‘what if’ has shaped my life in so many ways. I know right now there is so much uncertainty and so much fear that ‘what if’ will continue to be a powerful question to either help us spiral out of control in this time or find our balance and connection and focus.

I have not written or weighed in much on masks because to be honest, I am a little tired of it. I am tired of seeing people who are not scientists tell me what to do. I am tired of hearing righteous people tell me what to do. I am tired of the guilt and blame and fear that is associated with masks.

Today I had a mini revelation as I was sitting on the toilet. Yep, that’s a true fact. Lol. I was thinking how ‘what if’ and how you decide to fill in the words after is powerful. That statement is heavy.

In my ALIGN for Realtors program I teach I love to talk about the power of “what if” because many times we are using it to hold us back. What if something goes wrong? What if I fail? What if people see me fail? What if I don’t know what to do? What if I make someone mad? What if it doesn’t go as intended?

These are all valid concerns but they all have something in common. FEAR. They all make you think about the lack of the thing you want vs the abundance of it. This is ego at work. Ego likes to keep you separate. Ego wants you to feel fear. Ego loves for you to feel special. Ego wants to keep you small.

The other side of that coin is abundance. The side that says, what if it goes right? What if it goes even better than expected? What if things work out better than I planned? What if I end up living my dreams even more than I had anticipated? What if I get exactly what I want?

Now we are talking in abundance. The key to abundance is faith. We have to have faith in something we have not seen in order to allow in the amazing opportunities and things that we have been asking for. It’s our consistent attention to “what is” that stops us.

So now let’s relate this to masks and how I personally feel about them. I see lots of posts saying if you wear on you are a sheep and easily tricked. I see posts that say if you don’t you are being irresponsible. You get to frame it however you want.

For me, my conversation about masks goes like this….

What if the government is trying to trick me and I am systematically being indoctrinated into socialism without knowing it and being stripped of all my rights?


What if this helps someone or myself and things turn out even better than I expected?

What if is so powerful. It is what colors your view. Now you could flip what I did up there for your own benefit if you are more for not wearing masks. Yet in either stance, using ‘what if’ to carry out your feelings of fear never feels good.

And feeling good is where it’s at. Because you are your most powerful when you are feeling good. In a world where there is so much to push against, I invite you to examine your thoughts and feelings and see how you could take any negative ‘what if’s’ and turn them into positive ‘what if’s’.

What if’s can literally change your life and your perspective. It opens up the possibility. Those two words, when used correctly build up hope, not fear. The choice is yours.

Many years ago I was driving in my car listening to a Wayne Dyer cassette tape series. On the tape I was listening to he asked a question that stuck with me because it fed directly into law of attraction and was powerful. He said, “would you rather be right or happy?”

This is a question of ego or love. This is the question we have to ask ourselves daily if we want to elevate our ‘what if’s’ and find our power. I’m going to leave it here because I have lots of schoolwork due today. I hope you find your most powerful “what if” stance today and you find it in LOVE.

xx Rebecca

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