Ninja energetic secret to getting what you want…

Has this ever happened to you?

You walk in a room and feel overwhelmed by energy or feel like you need to sit on the sidelines.

You walk away from a situation feeling like you just got taken advantage of.

You walk in feeling one way and leave feeling another. That is really the root of what I’m talking about. You know the times when you think you have it all together and you fall apart.

You agree to something you didn’t want to.

You didn’t say the things you really wanted to say or engaged when you didn’t want to.

I have had it happen lots of times to me over the years. I mean before I learned law of attraction I feel like this was just common life for me. I was never the dominant energy in the room. I was always a side note. I was always wishing it was this way but it was that way. I was always searching for my power.

Then when I started to learn energy I realized that the way things worked mattered. I could literally use energy to my advantage instead of always just adjust to what was going on around me. I was used to life living me. This gave me huge hope to change my life.

The process I am about to share with you is one that is simple but so very effective. You can use it in every situation and the effects will be felt if you are consistent and precise and tune in.

When I say tune in, I mean FEEL it. Really take time to work that mental muscle to produce an emotion. If I haven’t told you before, emotions are what creates. They are the engine. The better you get at evoking emotion, the better your energy will be and your outcomes and opportunities will be as well.

So have you ever heard the term, “Become the dominant energy in the room”? It sounds awesome right? You are in charge. We all want that, right? The problem is that we humans like to take that and make it a physical thing (i.e. bossy fuckers). But bossy won’t get you the results that energy will. You gotta be willing to let go of the outside and tune in to the inside.

Because you can only control so much on the outside. And it is a lot harder to do. But when you are aligned then everything has to acquiesce to you. It has to. It is a law of the Universe. There is no way it doesn’t….because energy is EVERYTHING. So when you are aligned energetically you are running the show. The circumstances bow down.

I know you’ve heard about visualizing. The top athletes do it to prepare for competition. In fact, a study was done and noted in one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book that talks about how visualizing with the proper technique actually affects your body. So if you could mentally KNOW you were working out while sitting on the couch eating chips your body would respond to the work out. When I get this one down pat I will let you know lol

So there is a concept I learned from the very early teachings of Abraham Hicks called “pre-paving”. Pre-paving is the same as setting your intentions. Do you set your intentions? I do. Every day. But this takes it a step further.

Pre-paving is really being very present and thoughtful. It is a powerful method for sending your energy out ahead of you can telling the Universe exactly what you want to happen.

Because remember, law of attraction is the creating of opportunities that meet your energetic make up. That is the basis of it. So activating all the possibilities you would like to happen makes so much sense and trust me, it is POWERFUL!

I’m not saying you will get every single thing you want but I mean, why not? It works like crazy for me for everything from meetings with potential clients to shopping to being at events (where I seldom want to go lol).

So what do you do? You take a breath and center yourself. Then think about what you are going to do from that present moment. Going into a party? Heading into a job interview? Going to a family event that usually has drama?

Okay. Think about it and first recognize that you get to have what you want. You do! That is real and true. So claim that. Just by claiming it you activate the truth of it in your energy. Now, decide how you want the event to go. SEE it going that way. Imagine how you will feel during the interaction. My favorite is to imagine how I feel walking away from the interaction.

By activating those feelings just prior to the event while in the present moment you are more likely to experience the possibilities associated with those feelings. And you will start to notice things working out perfectly for you.

For instance, say there is a person at an event and you have had problems before and now you want to go to this event and have done the energetic work. Well, the “opportunity” to see that person will be lessened. Maybe she goes to the bathroom right when you walk in and then maybe she is whisked away outside to deal with something just as you go to the room she was in.

That is how the Universe works. It matches you on every level of energy you put out. And when you know it, not believe or hope, but KNOW it then you get to have what you want. The juicy stuff is between believing and knowing.

So as you keep on playing this game and pre-paving you are not only making situations go more smoothly for you but you are also training your energy. It’s a two for one that has huge impacts if you are serious and ready to do this work!

We are so powerful and these little things we can do throughout our days can really add up to a lot when we are consistent and purposeful with our focus and energy!

xx Rebecca

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