How to have a SIX FIGURE Soul Year.

Have you ever had a SIX FIGURE Soul year? You may be asking what the hell a six figure soul year even is. I get it. It’s a name I came up with when I found my happiness, my inner joy, my real connection. SIX FIGURE soul years always stem from passion and being aligned with your highest well-being. Before I had my son I had plans. I had read about Sudbury schools and I wanted to send him to one really badly. Or Waldorf school. I had read about them too. See, my exposure to Law of Attraction at 19 really opened up the possibilities for me. I knew that I did not want to raise my son the way I was raised and the way most kids are raised. To each her own but for me, I wanted to have more energetic influence over my kid than teachers and other kids. I was also convinced, and still am, that child led learning is not only more effective, it is more fun and done in far less time. So this was an innate desire for me. Fast forward and my son was one when we go through this crazy situation and my husband is arrested after a family vacay for a crime he didn’t commit. He is later found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. It was devastating and changed what I thought was possible for a little while. I thought I was doomed to be the single mom you see on TV. Latch key kid, mom who is overworked and a broken relationship. But then I realized who the fuck I was and I was determined more than ever to create a different set of opportunities for my son. Eventually I ended up taking a voluntary severance from my cush job with amazing insurance and vacation and sick pay to jump into real estate with my Mom. She suggested it and it sounded like a good idea so we went with it. Little did I know this would create the opportunity I was looking for. Sometimes we have to let go of what we ask for in order for it to pop up and just continue moving. That’s what I did. And then the opportunity appeared. After I had written my first million in about 6 months I decided to take my son out of school. Now, everyone else thought it was crazy to get into real estate. Everyone questioned how I would make it. By this time I had already used LOA to create a job paying double the amount of the job I had when my husband was arrested so I knew I was powerful (like we all are) and I know if I wanted it, there was a way for it to manifest so I wasn’t as worried as everyone else. When I decided to take my son out of school everyone thought I was crazy too. And I had my doubts but they were far outweighed by this solid knowing that sat in my solar plexus and told me I was moving directly towards exactly what I had energetically set up long before. I had somehow created exactly what I wanted. But how? That is the question. After studying law of attraction for almost 30 years (that feels really old to say lol) I can tell you how. The first thing you have to do to have a six figure soul year or begin to make them your standard way of life is to figure out what you want. That’s right. Sound’s crazy doesn’t it? It’s like, come on Rebecca. I know what I want! I want to be happy. But what does that look like? Well see what happens a lot is that we allow our lives to be dictated from the outside in. So and so needs this, she would want me to do that, my kids need this, my job is this, etc. We start deciding we can’t have what we want before we even start dreaming. But what if you kept dreaming while you were still living? I mean here’s the thing, you can’t always get there all at once. But moving towards it is half the battle. Because the truth is the Universe never forgets your dreams. Not the ones you REALLY want. All of that is hanging out waiting for you to energetically get in range of those possibilities. But we get distracted. We start looking at what hasn’t manifested. We start to let our fears and lack talk us out of what we want. Because, life is supposed to be a struggle right? You don’t always get what you want, right? Well, a SIX FIGURE soul year is when you decide to want everything you get. You decide that things are working out for your highest good. You decide that you can have exactly what you want and refuse to deviate. I teach this concept in class and it’s one I learned from my early learning from Louise Hay. When I would want to just be soothed and feel better I would pull out her 101 Power Thoughts and listen to it over and over. In fact, I would not listen to anything else when I was in the car. And it would soothe me to the point I was able to find my energetic footing again. Because many times we forget. We forget what we wanted. We get so focused on what we don’t want and how we don’t like it that we forget what we want. I mean not really, because you can’t but on the level that the information is available to you, you forget. You are in an energetic cycle. That cycle will keep you spinning and you have to be willing to stop it. Because the longer you keep it spinning the further it is taking you from what you actually want. So one way I learned to stop that cycle is with affirmations and some good ole determination. When I am walking towards something I want and it seems like fear is trying to creep in because it doesn’t LOOK like it’s happening I say these timpl words, “I refuse to scare myself”. Simple right? It is. And then I redirected. This process is one you have to learn to do and be willing to do when fear pops up to keep you stuck. The last piece to the puzzle is to pull out all the old beliefs of what you have to do and who you have to be and decide are those about you or someone else’s beliefs? Do you believe you have to do xyz or did someone else tell you that? Do you really want what you think you want or do you want it because of what other people want for you or maybe even what other people have? I had to release the ideas others had. When no one (well practically no one) agrees with your decisions you have to get solid in your own ideas. Building up what you believe is possible and what you believe it takes to get there is essential. Why? Because those are the parameters by which things will flow to you. The more complicated you make it, the more difficult is it. The easier you make it, the easier it is. So what does your six figure soul year look like? What would it look like to you if you were just doing exactly what you want? What are your priorities? What feeds your soul? Do those two things match? Are they in alignment? What I have found with my clients is that these do not match and that is causing this discombobulation in their energy. You have to be doing what you think you should be doing. You have to be at peace with how you spend your time. You have to be living in line with your beliefs if you ever want a SIX FIGURE soul year. You are and always have been searching for the connection to YOU, to God, to your higher self. That is where soul years happen. When we find the joy from within instead of looking to fill it with all the outside trappings. Don’t get me wrong, those things are amazing and will come regardless. But are they creating more joy or a noose around your neck that is slowly and silently suffocating you? These are all the questions you have to decipher. Because listen, it’s easy to do what you’ve always done and stay where you are. What if you started to do something different? Because six figure soul years are why we are here. We are here to expand energetically and every time we allow more joy we become more of who we really are. Here’s to your first or next SIX FIGURE Soul Year! xx Rebecca

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