Are you seeing the signs?

Nowadays this is a big thing. I suppose it always has been. A sign from God or a sign from above. There is a lot to decipher about signs because well, our ego likes to fool us into thinking that things that are not signs are signs. We have used the idea of signs to cover our own inadequacies for decades by theorizing that maybe lack of desire is a sign when really it’s just procrastination and unhealed wounds. So let’s get into what is a sign and what is not.

First of all, I believe that what we ask for we get. If you are looking for a sign then set a clear intention to see it and understand it. I always add in the understand part because sometimes we don’t see them. We don’t understand what we are seeing. And to be honest, signs are only good when you are in tune with yourself and your body and open to receive them.

When you ask for something it is created. Even when you don’t ask and you just have a bad experience you ask for it’s equal opposite. That is happening all day every day. So you are expanding on the non physical side by your interactions with life in this physical world. Knowing when you are aligned and getting a language together with the Universe is really kinda cool.

The truth is everything you see you give meaning to. So you are really the one creating the sign. For instance, I have been seeing numbers line up when something good was happening or when I was in the flow since I was in my early 20’s and started this work. Some days I would see the numbers every hour. Then as I expanded as a person my perception did as well and I would see license plates or get receipts with consecutive numbers. It’s important to understand that I am almost dictating the sign because now I have assigned those numbers to good things so the Universe knows how to communicate.

So the sign comes and then I take it and run with it. One thing about law of attraction is that celebrating at every turn is really helpful. It creates more to celebrate. So recently on this journey with my husband it became clear that 333 (+) is a number associated with him and the good progress on his case. Also 111 (+) but then I kinda feel like 1’s are angel numbers and always close by when good things are going down.

Here’s a quick story about how 333’s became the number for my husband or maybe even more broadly all good things. In 2017 I launched a course called ALIGN for Realtors. It was based in law of attraction and obviously for Realtors. I priced the program at $333. The program was 33 days long and had 33 people in it. It was all around 3’s. It was a huge success. I sold out and those 3’s kinda stuck with me.

Fast forward to early the next year. I just finished up round two of the course and had an inspiration to contact an attorney, Margaret Raben, who contacted over a decade earlier. I knew I could not afford her back then but since then I had created six figure businesses and was in a much better position to retain her. We spoke for an entire hour. I told her the whole story and she gave me some honest advice: hire an investigator. I told her I had one (who had not produced even 1 thing in a year) and she recommended a different one. A woman named Vicki Yost. My first sign was in her phone number. It was xx3-333-xxxx. I noticed it and smiled then gave her a call.

That call was life changing for our case. I could write on and on about Vicki and her integrity and work ethic. She is my personal angel for all the work she has done for me. She did not take my case lightly. We did it step by step. Small review of pre trial docs, then once she was satisfied she took a bigger retainer for the trial transcripts and then when she saw that I was not crazy and there were multiple issues she took the case and began to investigate. Once she got some major pieces of evidence to prove my husbands innocence she schedule to speak with Raben. We happened to be on the phone when she was driving there and when she pulled up she began looking for the address. “333” she murmured. I almost fell on the floor before I asked her if the address was 333 and she said yes.

Now I had really latched on and the Universe is now responding even clearer with messages. Finding new and surprising ways to bring me 333’s. I probably don’t have to tell you but when she got out of the meeting and called me to tell me what happened….you guessed it…it was exactly 3:33. This continues to this day. Anytime we are getting a call or news I see the 333’s in some way. When I went up to meet with our current attorney we had another experience. Vicki, by then, knew about my 333’s but honestly thought I was nuts. When we walked out of the meeting with the attorney we currently have, Vicki asked me what time it was and….well you know…it was 3:33.

The other day when I checked my bank account I had $333 pending withdraws and another time I had 33333 on my odometer. I see it on license plates and on receipts. I see it on clocks in TV shows (only once but it happened!) and in other places. It is always around a new update or something to do with my husband. The day before the last amazing update about my husband’s case I saw 333 on the clock and my pedometer and 11:11 and 1:11. These are all signs so I knew something was brewing. Sure enough the next day I got a call. But even if I didn’t get a call I would still know. I use the signs to sure up my energy not to keep score of what’s happening.

The thing about signs is that they are not just out of nowhere. Meaning you are seeing signs that have meaning to you and as you start to assign more meaning to certain things the Universe gets better and better at communicating with you clearly. So get excited and make the connections to signs and events so that you can start to get all the signs the Universe can deliver. And trust me, the Universe can be very creative!

A last note on signs. Ego will try to give you signs that are based in fear. Fear is not a sign. Even when the Universe is directing you away from something that will be bad for you it is not a bad feeling until you don’t listen. Then it becomes a bad feeling. But fear is a trick of the ego. Not feeling motivation is not a sign either. It means most likely that you have either not healed from a past trauma or you are just not lined up with it enough. Stop taking signs that you shouldn’t and look for signs that you should or signs that are allowing and in the flow. Those are the breadcrumbs that will get you where you want to go. You can’t avoid enough things to make you happy.

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